Information Technology

Best-in-class information technology (IT) is critical for streamlined operations and business virality.

Without the expertise to deploy and scale technology solutions, however, early stage companies often find that IT inhibits their ability to grow. Outsourcing your company's technology needs is a smart, cost effective way to access trained, experienced IT personnel who can design, manage, implement, and troubleshoot technology solutions on demand.

GRL Strategic Services can procure required hardware or software, design, implement and manage custom IT solutions, support a network environment and assume responsibility for the strategic direction, coordination and support of your company's information technology.

Technology Services


Risk Reduction

Safeguard data, ensure general regulatory and Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) compliance, minimize server downtime, ensure business continuity and file backup

Cost Flexibility

Scale technology with business growth, manage IT support, provide experienced project managers and technologists in accordance with project needs

IT Strategy

Budget, plan and implement IT strategy, recommend IT upgrades, ensure adherence to technology best practice

Technology Expertise

Provide IT professionals to assist with cloud storage and security, network management and support